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Next to the Roman road between the rivers Rhine and Maas which led from Cologne to Venlo the colonization Grevenbroich was built reflected through abridge and customs office. In the 11th Century Grevenbroich was frist time authentically mentioned as village “Broich”. In 1311 Grevenbroich is authentically mentioned as city “oppidum nostrum bruke” for the first time.The subdepartments Gladbach and Grevenbroich with the court and villages Allrath, Barrenstein und Neuhausen belongs to the department Jülich.

Untill the end of the 18th century the city did not exeed the ramparts. Then it developed quickly: 1767 the city had 330 inhabitants; 1820 there were 627 and rose up to 1.325 inhabitants till 1871. Around the turn of the century thebuilding activities were very intensive. 1900 they counted 3.410 inhabitans. In 1975 the city got its todays structure because of the municipal restructuring. In 1990 Grevenbroich exeeded the 60.000 inhabitants limit.

The city is perfectly located in the square of the big citiesDüsseldorf - Köln - Aachen - Mönchengladbach. Geographical position: 51° 5 min. northlatitude, 6° 36 min. eastern longitude, area of the city: 102,19 square meters.

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