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On the following websites you will find our product range sorted alphabetic and in product categories (Terpenes , Solvents , Natural Products and Intermediates ). 

When we founded the company in 1985 the idea of the distribution of regrowing raw materials, which are common in many applications in the chemical-, paint- & colour- and related industries today, was already seen as a cornerstone.Our product range has been supplemented constantly by further natural-born-products and alternative solvents coming mainly from the petrochemical sector.Especially the trade of environment sociable and safe solvents shaped up well over the follwing years. Therefore we were able to replace a lot of questionable products like chlorinated solvents, volatile and/or highly inflammable products in various areas.

Today we are proud to be a popular distributor regarding alternative and friendly raw materials. We endavour after keeping and extending this status which excels in being close to our customers and in our service.

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