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Already in 1994 our company has established a quality management system according to ISO 9001 and added an environmental quality system according to ISO 14001 in 1998 to make our high quality and environmental thinking accessible to customers, suppliers and service partners.

Currently we are ISO 9001:2105 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

Download: LEMRO_QM_Certificates_2025_01_31.pdf

The documents are saved in Acrobat Reader Format (PDF). This program is available free of charge at the follwing webaddress: http://www.adobe.de/products/acrobat/readstep.html

Our quality- and environmental-policy:

We believe it is our obligation to replace critical and harmful products by environment-friendly and future oriented raw materials in all possible areas. This we understand as our goal for a better environment.

We see it as our task to supply our customers with high quality and environmental friendly products which fulfil all quality requirements of our customers. We achieve this by sourcing from well selected and reliable suppliers worldwide.

It is our goal to offer various products in harmony with legal and environmental requirements and under social standards and borders from various sources in the world to our customers.

We only use qualified warehouses, transport and service companies to complete our vision in terms of quality and environment.

For our business associates we want to be a reliable and competent partner and offer a relationship of trust with openness and reliability as fundamentals for collaboration. We see ourselves as mediator between supplier and consumer and are always interested in long term relationships. We use our knowledge to fulfil customers requirements for improved and environmental friendly products.

Our management feels an obligation to encourage our employees in sense of responsibility and quality. It regulates the processes and responsibility of all quality effecting activities and factors and controls the effectiveness of quality assurance and environmental measures within our quality and environmental system.

Our management assesses the implemented quality and environmental system of our company on a regular basis in terms of quality and environmental views. When errors are identified we take urgent steps to improve our service.

As a prophylaxis we do external and internal quality and environmental audits on a regular basis in order to continuously improve our system.

Our management obligates itself to fulfill all valid legal and official regulations

Our employees act in accordance with the above mentioned guidelines and quality policy and are open for questions in regard of new products and applications.

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